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        The AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) is loted on the unceded, traditional, ancestral, and occupied territories of the h?n?q??min??m? (Halkomelem) speaking x?m?θk??y??m (Musqueam) nation.

        We recognize the inherent connections between colonialism and all forms of violence. Recognizing the violence of ongoing colonization and engaging in decolonial actions is critil to our work as these lands were taken without consent from Indigenous peoples. Further, we recognize one of the ongoing effects of colonization being the disproportionate rate at which Indigenous peoples, particularly women and trans people, face sexualized and racialized violence. Sexualized violence was used, and continues to be used, as a weapon of colonization, and we want to actively and continuously be working to mitigate the harms of colonization in our work.

        Since 2002 the SASC has been committed to the edution, support, and empowerment of people of all genders who are survivors of sexualized violence as well as their friends and family. We serve UBC students, staff, faculty, and people with a connection to the UBC mpus through various resources and services.